Hi, please call me Lia! Welcome to my personal website. I am currently an EPSRC Doctoral Fellow at University College London where I also run the Women in Physics Group.

ScienceGrrl Calender: 'Miss/future Dr' January

In response to the horrendously off-tone 'teaser' from the EU Commission for 'Science, it's a girl thing', complete with lipstick writing (see this Guardian article for a full take-down), some amazing female scientists decided to counteract those images and feature REAL women in science. 
Dr. Heather Williams @alrightPET, Louise Crane @lulucrumble and my great Bristolian friend Suzi Gage @soozaphone did all the heavy work, organising a beautifully shot ScienceGrrl calendar (2013 edition). Photos by Ben Gilbert, Greg Funnell and Naomi Goggin, with design by Cosima Dinkel. Here's the January shot:


I'm joint 'Miss (soon to be Dr) January' with Dr. Ceri Brenner who works at the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Note that I'm credited as 'Lia Han' - its my middle name + my mum's maiden name...I used to have it as my 'nom de plume'. 

We filmed in my lab at UCL, with permission from my supervisor Prof. Peter Barker, and safety supervision provided by post-doc Dr. James Millen. These are REAL high power 532nm lasers in the background (2Watts!). 

To see the other photos go to this link here.
You can buy the calendar on the ScienceGrrl website and also the Science Musuem!