Hi, please call me Lia! Welcome to my personal website. I am currently an EPSRC Doctoral Fellow at University College London where I also run the Women in Physics Group.

UCLQ Industry Day

I spoke at the UCLQ (UCL-Quantum) Industry event last Wednesday about commercialising the low-hanging fruit of quantum technology with a focus on rapid prototyping and out-of-the-lab testing.

I believe that crucial development is needed on the subsystems that allow quantum states to be prepared and used over long periods of time. Alongside fundamental research where you play with quantum states, more focus is needed on the various optical, electronic and vacuum hardware to ensure such amazing experiments can be reproduced faithfully out of the lab - and most importantly - without needing Ph.D. students to operate them!

I mostly spoke about the portable optomechanical accelerometer I developed and field-tested. The paper is currently 90% finished and should be available within the next month or so!

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